Photovoltaic Module Solet P60.6 – 240/260

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Photovoltaic Module Solet P60.6 – 240/260

We offer the highest quality and innovative Lithuanian PV modules that meet the global standards. You can choose from a many types of PV modules, for example: polycrystalline, monocrystalline; framed, frameless; glass – glass (rear sheet can be white, colored or clear).

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Weight19 kg
Dimensions1640х992х40 mm
Cell size156х156 mm
Number of cells6x10
Front side glass3,2 mm hardened solar glass.
Working Conditions
Maximum System VoltageDC 1000 V
Maximum revers current15 A
Operating temperature-40⁰C / +85⁰ C
Max. wind load/max. snow load2400 / 5400 Pa
Electrical Parameters
Maximum Power* (PMPP)240.1/265.0 Wp
Rated Voltage (VMPP)30,6/32,6 V
Rated Current (IMPP)8,00/8,12 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)37,9/38,6 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC)8,6 A
Power tolerance0+3%