PWM Solar Charge Controller

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PWM Solar Charge Controller

10A to 100A PWM Solar Charge Controller

UNIV-S Solar regulator is a critical part of any solar-powered battery system. It controls the amount of charge being fed into the battery and protects the battery from overcharging.


  • Intelligent PWM charge mode
  • Keep the battery on full voltage condition
  • Input over-voltage and low-voltage protection
    • Output over-current,reverse current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
    • Working time set
    • Low self-consumption
SKU: UNIV-6S / UNIV-10S / UNIV-15S / UNIV-20S / UNIV-30S / UNIV-40S / UNIV-50S / UNIV-60S / UNIV-80S Category:


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