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Thinkpower Dual MPPT grid tid solar Inverter S series

Thinkpower S series Multi-string inverter is specialized designed for small PV station ,provided a flexible solution for the design of photovoltaic power station.2 independent MPPT tracker ,Wide DC input range (100-550 Vdc), compatible with different module technologies, Power Solo 5.0kW-TL on grid inverter is featured by portability,beautiful appearance ,high cost performance and high efficiency.

Products Features


EU conversion efficiencies of 97.1% ~ 97.3%.
Dual independent MPPT trackers with wide MPPT range.
Without Fan design
Silent operation <25dB(A).
Built-in WIFI as standard for Web based PV system monitoring and reporting

Platform Build 

High-grade aluminium alloy die-cast casing with high-efficiency cooling system.
Propietary DSP drive technology with advanced self-learning algorithms and 1 month back up parametric record.
World-class electronic components in all elements.
Sound-activated leading-edge BTN LCD display.


Leading edge capacitor control with propietary MPPT tracking algorithms for high efficiency in all conditions.
Complete suite of protections including integrated over-voltage and instantaneous anti-islanding.
Innovative weak-light power generation with feed-in threshold 10W.

360° Ease 

Weather-proof tool free plug-and-play connectors on AC and DC side.
WiFI interface from any WiFi enabled device grid output selection and system commissioning.
Multi-level TCP/IP based monitoring with fault-reporting  remote troubleshoot and software update.
Simple plug-and-play install integrated security feature.

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Model No S3600TL S4400TL S5000TL
DC side/Input parameters
Max. DC power
3680 4400 5500
Max. DC voltage [Vdc] 550 550 550
Min. System start/Shut down voltage [Vdc] 100/150 100/150 100/150
MPPT voltage range[Vdc] 100~550 100~550 100~550
Max. input current [A] 13.5/13.5 13.5/13.5 15/15
Number of MPP trackers 2 2 2
Strings per MPP tracker 1 1 1
AC side/output parameters 
Nominal output power [W] 3300 4000 4600*
Maximum output power [W] 3680 4400 5000**
Nominal output voltage/range [V] 208,220,230,
AC grid frequency/range [Hz] 50Hz,60Hz(auto-selection)/44Hz-55Hz;54Hz-65Hz 50Hz,60Hz(auto-selection)/44Hz-55Hz;54Hz-65Hz 50Hz,60Hz(auto-selection)/44Hz-55Hz;54Hz-65Hz
Maximum output current [A] 16 21 23
AC connection(with PE) Single phase Single phase Single phase
Current distortion(THDi) [%] <2.5 <2.5 <2.5
Power factor [%] ﹥99.9 ﹥99.95 ﹥99.95
Maximum conversion efficiency[%] 97.5 97.6 97.8
European efficiency[%] 97.1 97.2 97.3
MPPT efficiency[%] 99.9 99.9 99.9
DC reverse-polarity protection yes yes yes
Short circuit protection yes yes yes
Ground fault/residential current monitoring yes yes yes
Grid monitoring yes yes yes
DC/AC side varistors(thermally protected) yes yes yes
General Parameters
Dimension(L/W/H)[mm] 480*400*180
Weight(kg) 20.1
Embedded DC Switch Optional
Night power consumption[W] < 0.2
Isolation type Transformerless
Protection degree IP65 according to IEC60529
Operation temperature[ºC] -25 ~ 60
Cooling concept Natural Convection
Acoustic noise level[dB] <25
Altitude[m] <2000 without power derating
Display Graphic LCD
Communication Interface Standard WIFI; RS485(optional)
Certificates and Approvals General CE-(EMC/LVD); EN(IEC)61000-1/-2/-3/; EN(IEC)62109-1/-2
IEC 61727/62116; G83-3/G59-3; EN50438; VDE-0126-1-1;
VDE-AR-N4105; AS4777.2; AS4777.3; CQC
Warranty: 5/10/15years  yes/optional/optional/optional* 4600w according to VDE-AR-N4105.

** AC max output can be addjustable according to different standards. More technical characteristics are available on demand and customized.