Soft Start Modified Sine Wave inverter

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Soft Start Modified Sine Wave inverter

150W to 3000W Soft Start Modified Sine Wave Inverter

UNIV-M modified sine wave inverters series (modified square wave or step wave) approximate a pure sine waveform. Modified sine wave inverters are designed to satisfy the efficiency requirements of the photovoltaic system while being less expensive than pure sine waveform inverters. These inverters are capable of operating a wide variety of loads; electronic and household items including but not limited to TV, VCR, and satellite receiver, computers, and printers.


  • High frequency design
  • Max efficiency up to 90%
  • Full protection:
    Input protection: Reverse polarity / Over voltage / Low battery alarm and shutdown
    Output protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over temperature
  • Ideal for powering inductive loads such as motor, and other sensitive loads, medical equipment and solar systems.
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