6″ DC Solar Submersible Water Pump

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6″ DC Solar Submersible Water Pump

Model NO.: CENTRIFUGAL TYPE (powerful)
JCS6-46-7, JCS6-40-55, JCS6-60-46, JCS6-30-95, JCS6-30-127,
JCS6-30-148, JCS6-30-169, JCS6-30-190, JCS6-30-211, JCS6-50-55,
JCS6-50-66, JCS6-50-77, JCS6-50-88, JCS6-50-110, JCS6-50-132,
JCS6-70-40, JCS6-70-54, JCS6-70-67, JCS6-70-81, JCS6-70-95,
JCS6-90-42, JCS6-90-56, JCS6-90-71, JCS6-90-85

MPPT and DSP chip technique
Motor filled with oil

This project products are mainly used in dry region for irrigation of agricuture.
It can be used for drinking water and living water.
The living condition could be much improved.
It also can be used for fountains.

Outlet:Stainless steel
Pump body:stainless steel
Motor body:stainless steel
Impeller:stainless steel
Bearing:NSK from Japan

Pump controller, Impeller, Cable connector,
Water level sensor, Cable for solar panel,
Cable connector, Rope.

1.Application innovation
Compared with the traditional alternating current machine,the
efficiency is improved 25% by the permanent magnetism,direct current,brushless,
non-sensor motor.
2.Technics innovation
Adopt double plastic package for rotor and stator,
motor insulationā‰„300MĪ©,
the motor security was much improved.
3.Structure innovation
Oil filling,convenient installation and environmental protection

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