How Do I Get Started?2017-08-04T10:06:42+00:00

Give us a call. We’ll ask some questions about your home or business, and we can even give you a preliminary site analysis over the phone, using aerial imagery.

We can talk about how solar might help you achieve your goals, and we’ll help you set a budget.

Once we’ve gathered this basic information, we schedule a time to look at your site. We’ll measure your solar resource, check out existing site conditions and let you know more about how our company operates.

Then, if you decide solar is the way forward, we’ll design a system that meets your specific needs. Give us a call, 0919-246-5753, or email us at ralph@sunmagnet.ph.

How Much Maintenance is Required?2015-06-25T12:58:28+00:00

Not much. Even if you slack off, your solar energy system will operate effectively. If you want your system to soak up its maximum potential, though, you can do a few simple things on a regular basis:

Hose off the panels and collectors once or twice a year. This can boost performance, especially if pollen, dirt or debris has accumulated.

Keep an eye on your system’s production and look for significant changes in output.

Will My Meter Really Spin Backwards?2015-06-25T12:57:44+00:00

t really will. When your PV system makes more power than your home uses, your electrical service meter reverses — you can watch it go backward.

This is called “net metering,” and you can sell the extra power back to the utility at retail rates. If you’re “off-grid,” this doesn’t apply, since you’re not hooked up to a utility, but it’s still cool.