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3w Solar Portable System

SUNMagnet  3w Solar Portable System

Planning for outdoor relaxation but worried during night time; going for camping but need to go home early before dawn? With AA Lithium battery, 3500mAh / 3.7V, 3pcs; 12V/3W poly Solar panel; 3W LED bulb and 5V, 500mA Octopus USB charger powered by SUNMagnet 3w Solar Portable System is the best companion

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Model                    Description
SLP03 Solar cell AA Lithium battery, 3500mAh/3.7V, 3pcs
Solar panel: poly, 12V/3W
Controller Constant current controller
LED light Color temperature 5500-6500K
Luminous flux(LM): 270 LM
USB 5V, 500mA, 1pc
DC output 12vDC, 2pcs
Accessory 3W LED bulb 1pc with 5m cable
1 to 10 mobile charging cable
Packing Packing size: 205*55*290mm
Packing weight: 1.5 kg
Remark Working time:after charging fully, work lasts for 8-9 hours
Charging time: solar /8-10 hours
Charging method: solar
Suitable temperature: -40℃~50℃