The UNIVPO Microinverter offers unique technology that enables much improved solar energy harvest, increased reliability, simplified installation and efficient management of solar power systems.
Each UNIVPO Microinverter is individually connected to one PV module in the solar panel array. This unique configuration achieves Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at the PV module level, thus eliminating single-point failure, minimizing the effect of shading, soiling, orientations or PV module aging, and improving the system’s energy harvest by up to 125%.


High energy harvest
Long life time
High quality power generation
Easy installation
Improved safety
Constant remote monitoring at PV module level Power
No single-point failure


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Model UNIV-M248
Input Data (DC)
Recommended maximum input power 160-300W
Maximum input DC voltage 50V
Start voltage 24V
Peak power tracking range 24V~50V
Operating range 22V~50V
Maximum DC short circuit current 15A
Maximum input current 10A
Output Data (AC)
Maximum output power 248W
Nominal output current 1.08A
Maximum output current 1.11A
Nominal voltage range 184V 265V (Adjustable with Country Deviation)
Nominal frequency range 49.2Hz~60.2Hz (Adjustable with Country Deviation)
Power factor >0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion <2.4%
Maximum units per branch 24
Peak inverter efficiency 95.50%
CEC weighted efficiency 94.50%
Nighttime power consumption 120mW
Mechanical Data
Enclosure environmental rating IP65
Operating temperature range -40oC~+80 oC
Dimensions (WxHxD) 230mm/138mm/25mm
Weight 1.7kg
Communication PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication)
Warranty 15 Years