Project Description

The enterprise team of highly-skilled experts manages solar power plant building installations – from drafting technical content, defining plant design and revenue possibilities, to manufacturing and providing Solet PV solar modules, finding strategic international partners, managing complex partnership relations or legal framework matters, as well as solving and coordinating relevant solar power plant installation issues.

During 2011-2013, the Solet Group implemented PV technology projects from designing to building solar power plants and parks in various European countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, etc.), ranging from very specific micro power plants to very complex solar energy stations of 70 MW. Over the years, Solet has participated in various PV projects with a total capacity of more than 180 MW with partners and clients from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Belarus and Russia.

Solet uses reliable and technologically-advanced solar modules manufactured by Precizika, and tightly cooperates with leading international producers of complementing PV technology equipment – REFUsol GmbH, PLATINUM, Power-One, SMA, Schletter, Renusol, PUK-SOLAR GmbH, Victron Energy, K2-systems and many other companies from the USA and the EU.

With current developments in the field, Solet is taking up more and more ambitious projects, testing not only the limits, but also the possibilities of solar energy. This allows Solet to offer the best possible solar energy solutions right from the experts of its field.