Project Description

Growatt New Energy, established in 2010, is a professional manufacturer on the market of high capacity PV-solar inverters.
Growatt is proud of the fact on the PV market that in the second half of 2010 reached the turnover of 5 million (USD) and for the first half of 2011 increased it to 25 million (USD). By this fact Growatt become the number one inverter exporter in China. In 2011 the fiscal sales volume exceeded the 50 million USD.

A Growatt is situated in the city of Shenzen, that is considered to be the “The Window of China”. More than half of its 400 employees are working in the production, and half of our colleagues have post-graduate degree. Our products are widespread on the market, while our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services provide personalized solutions to some inverter manufacturers of known brands.

The main product range is from 1,0 kW to 1MW on-grid photovoltaic inverters, of which our Growatt 5000TL model was tested in the laboratories of PHOTON, considered to be gold standard by international organizations, and expressed its great respect. Its 97,8% efficiency put us into leading position. All relevant markets we have the necessary certificates for: VDE0126 and CE for Európe, SAA for Ausztráliában, G83 for UK, ENEL for Italy, RD1663 forSpain , ETL for USA and Golden Sun for China. The high-end PV-solar and inverter technology has developed, so the market of Growatt is quickly developing across the globe. Our inverters were implemented in several Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Australia, New-Zeland etc. reached the number of 500 000 pieces last year.

To provide more convenient service to our customers, Growatt has established a branch office in Frankfurt. The American and Australian branch-offices are under registration.

In early 2011, the well-known venture capital SEQUOIA CAPITAL and domestic investment giant CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP had been introduced to Growatt strategically, greatly enhancing the company’s international image and fully financing the development of the new products and new markets. We will enhance the strong impetus to the development of the international and domestic market, maintaining the strong growth as always.


Good prices and reliable performance made fast growth possible on many markets worldwide for Growatt.

We are the No. 1. supplier of Australia. We installed thousands of PV-solar systems on roofs in Australia, Europe and the USA as well as Growatt is supplying ideas to the green energy market worldwide.


All Growatt inverters have 5 years of extended warranty that even can be elongated to 10 years.